唐 樓 景 色



"Tong lau 唐樓" -  tenement buildings built from the late 19th century to the 1960s. Tong lau (Cantonese) means "Chinese building" –  The word "唐" Tong (Cantonese) or Tang (Mandarin) refers to the Tang dynasty and is generally used as a term to mean Chinese. "樓" Lau (Cantonese) is a multi-storey building. "Tong lau 唐樓" is a general term for a type of building commonly seen around Hong Kong.


This ongoing series is dedicated to the beauty of Tong Lau, the admiration I have for their signature window grille designs and Canton floor tiles. It is also a homage to the old-time Hong Kong's culture and lifestyle.


唐樓 - 香港隨處可見的建築物,小時候不憧欣賞,只覺得老舊骯髒,長大了卻找到它們獨特的韻味。無論是那個象徵性的窗框或是那個廣東味濃的懷舊地磚,即使這裡黑一塊那裡破一洞,卻記載著香港人努力勤勞和實而不華的特質。



Dollmaker / 人偶師
Digital Painting 數碼繪圖 / 2022